Top the richest footballer in 2020

Coming to football, you can receive many surprising about this sport. It is not only goals in matches or transfer contracts among big clubs, it is also capital of footballers. Do you believe that there are many footballers are owning millions of dollars as well some brands in business? It’s truth when football is a profitable industry with many dollars.

To do clear about this issue, we collect data about top the richest footballers in this year which is estimated about net worth. Following the ranking if you are a fan of football, you also like to discover new information about this king of sport.

5/ Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. has memorial events in 2019 when he continued to make scandals.

The first scandal in summer 2019, he was accused of rape with a Brazilian woman, however it was dismissed because of lacking evidence. This event made surprising for many girl fans.

The next scandal when Neymar was accused to argue with an opponent fan in the Coupe de France tournament. This event caused he was lost the captain for the Brazil national team.

Overcoming notorious stories, he continues to perform excellently in football. On average, he receives about €707,692 in a week. His net worth in 2020 values at $185 million, including contracts from representatives for big brands like MasterCard, Electronic Arts, Nike and McDonald’s.

4/ Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most famous footballers in Europe recently. All clubs where he played, he performed well and reached the best titles. So, he is always a player to transfer among clubs.

When he played for AC Milan, he can earn $138,00 once week. He has signed many endorsement deals with brands like Nike, Nivea and also advertises Microsoft Xbox and Vitamin Well.

In 2020, he is ranked the 4th for the top richest footballer when his capital is about $190 million.