Top the richest footballer in 2020

Football is an amazing sport which is loved by many people. In football, players are the most outstanding in the match. In this article, we share top the richest footballer in football in 2020.

The fact that they earn money from awards, prizes as well advertising contracts from famous brands. Although this year has some preventions about leagues and tournaments due to coronavirus, many footballers have in trouble. But it’s lucky when all have been recovered and then football competitions are coming soon, therefore we can expect bright of series of football stars.

7/ Gareth Bale

2019 is a memorial year with Gareth when he got on badly with the coach of Real Madrid- Zinedine Zidane so that he was sacked by this club. Then he moves to Los Balncos with average salary in week about £350,000.

There is some rumor that he is on negotiation with some famous clubs in China then maybe he will move to China recently.

In addition to football, he also has some big endorsement contract with big brands all over the world like Adidas, Nissan or Konami. He also is owning some sports bars and restaurants in Cardiff.

In 2020, his net worth is estimated about $125 Million.

6/ Wayne Rooney

Rooney is one of the best footballers in the Premier League. He plays a role as a major forward and team’s assistant coach of Derby Country.

He is ranked in the top highest paid players because of list of achievements and successes.

Since 2019, he receives about $70,000 a week. Furthermore, he also joins many advertising contracts with famous brands such as Samsung, Coca or Nike. Due to his frame and talent, many fans know him better.

So, as the good result, his worth is about $160 Million in 2020.