Top the best football matches you should follow (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the best football matches you can follow in one football schedule. Our ranking is based on voting for the favorite program from spectators.

In the former article, we refer football matches in two big events: The FIFA World Cup and Olympics Game. Now, we discuss other matches.

3, UEFA Champions League

This competition is the most prestigious event in the Europe. All European are proud of organizing one football event then is well-known internationally.

The fact, it is the best annual continental competition among top-division football clubs in Europe. Through this event, football in this continent has been improved dramatically. So, almost national football teams usually reach high places in the international ranking.

As schedule of UEFA Champions League, it is started from the middle of July and ended in late May of the following year. With a tight schedule like UEFA, you have more opportunities to enjoy one ticket for one live match in your occasion of journey.

However, ticket in every match of UEFA Champions League is expensive and sold fast. So, it’s hard to own one ticket. You should follow the online ticket system then place order in advance.

Until now, Real Madrid coming from Spain is the most successful football club when they have ever won 10 titles.

4, UEFA European Championship

Someone makes mistake with UEFA Champion League. However, they are completely different.

If UEFA Champions League is a competition among top-division clubs in Europe, UEFA European Championship is the highest football event among senior men’s national teams who are only from Europe.

This event is also called simply the Euros. It is held every four year, starting from the second week of June and finishing in the second week in July. It will avoid conflict schedule with the FIFA World Cup.