Top the best football matches you should follow (Part 1)

Football is a favorite sport for many people. It is a team sport which brings many benefits for health and mental. In case you are not able to play it well, you can watch football match. It’s also an interesting way to relax.

In this article, we share top the most prestigious football matches you must-see in a year, including international, continental or domestic levels.

1, The FIFA World Cup

This is the largest international football competition which is held every four years in the world. it is under management by FIFA. Even, it owns the biggest spectators, overcome the number in the Olympics game.

World Cup is inspired from success of football in the Ancient Olympic Game, then FIFA decided to split it to new competition so that people had more opportunities to access football. As the result, the first season was established in Uruguay in 1904. The host nation would become the first nation to lift the winning cup of World Cup.

Then this event was organized every four years at one or two nations. It was received positive feedbacks from spectators about the world’s premier football tournament ever. So, the Cup became target for any nation to conquer.

After disputes and conflicts about the war and the color, FIFA World Cup has become the biggest event to connect people from all over the world closer and closer.

2, Olympics Game

Olympics game is one of the biggest event in the world where every athlete will come one place to express his talent.

Football was introduced to the Olympic games in the first time in 1908. Then the women football is introduced in 1928.

Nowadays, all nations respect this event and focus to reach the title for this event in the summer.