Top highest footballer transfers (Part 4)

Now, we continue to discuss top the best footballers with high-paid salary through transfers from this club to another club.

Through our ranking, you can understand deeply about other opinions and aspects of football. Sometimes, they treat football as a method to do business and earn more profit.

4, Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe was a French player. However, he is usually offered to foreign clubs to play at the international competition.

During his career until now, he has ever completed a unique transfer. However, the value is enough to cause shocking and envy for any footballer. It is about £165.7m for the PSG club.

Before doing this transfer, he was a successful season at Monaco. The fact, this appearance was so great and impressive to contribute to winning of the team. Therefore, any manager expects to own this talented footballer.

3, Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has become the big star in the recent time. However, he has started his pro career when he was young.

He was found out in the first time at Manchester United. He was signed the contract with 12.2 million. With a young player without experience, this value was so big.

At MU, he expressed excellently to bring series of successes. He could brighten up as a star at the Old Tranfford.

When finishing the contract with MU, he was invited to Real Madrid in 2009. At there, his value was $80 millions. Then in 2018, he was continued to transfer to Juventus with $99.2 million. Total transfer was valuated about £191.4m.

At the new club, he proved that the budget to invest him was reasonable by scoring 450 goals in total 438 appearances in all events and all matches he played for Real Madrid.

Until now, he is 35 years-old but he still expresses he is one top star in football. His power is still strong and energic.

During his career, he has ever won 2 titles in La Liga and 4 titles in the Champions leagues for three teams: MU, Real Madrid and Juventus.