Top highest footballer transfers (Part 3)

We continue to share top footballers with highest values in transfer for your reference. Through our ranking, you can make clear more about commercial transactions in football. The fact, transferring brings much benefits for clubs as well players, besides some mistakes and drawbacks happened. It deserves to become a hot topic for the coming season.

6, Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata is on the top great nomads because he has ever had four major transfer between big clubs in Europe during his pro career.

In 2014, he was transferred in the first time from the Real Madrid to Juventus with $15.8 million. Then one club in Spanish offered him to buy-back within 2 years later.

The third transfer in 2020 to Atletico Madrid with $58 million. After one year at there, he has intended to re-join Juventus in the next season.

The fact, all transfer can be up to $156.8 million. He is highly appreciated by flexible ability and refection in the pitch. He also contributes to winnings of his team transferred.

5, Eden Hazard

He is a Belgium player but he has accessed international football when he was young.

In 2012, he was transferred in the first time to Chelsea. He made impressive by passion, strength and good spirit in the pitch. He was attended when he had a match at Lille. He had total seven years to be close with Chelsea. This was his successful period. He had ever helped Chelsea to reach many awards.

Until 2019 season, Chelsea decided to transfer him to Real Madrid with value up to $130 millions. This number was not small to own one good player.

However, he faced some problems about serious injuries which limited him to express all ability in 22 appearances at new club. Hope that his issue should be improved well.