Top highest footballer transfers (Part 1)

Football is a potential market for business. One of them is transferring among footballers. Some clubs are ready to pay big budget to collect good players, so that they can contribute to help their clubs to the glory. However, some transfers are not successful because footballers don’t feel proper or unlucky when playing at new clubs. Anyway, transfer contracts are continued to negotiated and transacted in every day.

Now, we will share top highest transfers in football. Assure that you feel a little surprising about the following amount.

10, Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria is well-known with big transfers in many seasons.

In 2007, he was transferred from Rosario Central with the value £7 million. Then he continued to transfer to Real Madrid in 2010 with the value £20.3million. he had impressive performance at clubs transferred.

By his talent, he was famous and cared by big clubs like Manchester United, PSG.

In 2014, he played at MU. He broke the transfer record in the UK when being signed the transfer contract. However, he left MU only after one year because he felt not suitable when playing at there.

As soon as finishing contract at MU, he was transferred to PSG with the value £129.5m. Until now, he had 6 seasons to be closed with PSG. The fact, he had success and achievement at this club like reaching 83 goals in only 224 appearances at all tournaments.

9, Antoine Griezmann

He is a France forwarder. He is trained to become one of the best forwards in the world in the recent time.

In 2014, he was transferred to Atletico Madrid in 2014 with the value £24million. In this period, he scored 133 goals in 257 appearances in all competitions he joined. 

This achievement was impressive to make frame and reputation of him.

In 2019, he received an invitation from Barcelona with the value £107million.