Top greatest footballer in history

Football is loved and followed over 4 billion fans annually. The truth that it plays a favorite team sport for many groups, teams and even individual.

One football match, we usually impress with players who directly flight and face with their rival. To see back about football history, we discuss top greatest footballer all time in this article.

The fact, there are talented millions of players but we collect a few outstanding name about their performance, contemporaries as well breaking records. Following this article to see whether your idol is on the ranking or not.

1/ Alfredo Di Stéfano

He had a successful career with football during 2 decades. He was an amazing player when he had excellent performance in his uniform of Argentine. He also contributed his talent to make many winnings of this national team.

Estimated that he reached a few individual awards or title for champions in 1957 and 1959. He also was voted for title as the Spanish payer of the year.

2/ Roberto Baggio

Baggio is regarded as one of the greatest footballers in Italy football as well the world. He made amazing and perfect to fans because of his free style in curling and netting set skills.

Someone said that his legs looked like angel’s dancing when he practiced his unique dribbling.

During 30 years career, he won the soccer of the year and one title for the Ballon d’Or in 1993. He also became the Italy Player of the century in 2000. Almost individual awards are on the top of titles.

3/ Michel Platini

No doubt when Michel Platini is voted for candidates of the greatest footballer in the 20th century as well all time in football history.

He played for the French national team. He won one UEFA champion, three times for FIFA World Cup and two times for the World soccer player of year.