Top greatest footballer in history

In this article, we continue to share top greatest football players all the time. The truth that football is one of the most favorite sport in the world. It has a long history.

Through many football festivals such as World Cup, Olympic, Champion League, so on we found many talented players in football. Although it is a team sport, we are clear to see a few individuals brighten and are outstanding.

The ranking in following is only collected several aspects such total titles and their performances. Out of ranking, we have ever known many great footballers.

In the last article, we have ever referred to 3 footballers including Alfredo Di Stéfano, Roberto Baggio and Michel Platini. Now, let continue to find other big names.

4/ Johan Cruyff

He is regarded as the hero of the Netherlands national football team.

During his career, he made specially unique style for himself. Many new generations of the Dutchman follow Johan performance then create new styles for themselves.

About achievements of Johan, he won three times in Ballon d’Or title, the second slot with the Netherlands team in FIFA World Cup 1974. Also in 1974, he was voted for the Golden ball in this competition.

5/ Ronaldo

He is a symbol of the Brazil national football team. His real name was El Fenomeno but he usually was well-known with nickname Ronaldo. He reached many achievements during the peak of his career.

He make reputation for himself by ability in dribbling, super fast speed as well correct finish. All features contributed to set up an impeccable style called Ronaldo.

He was with his team reached the highest title for football soccer like two titles in FIFA World Cup, two titles in the FIFA Confederation cup as well titles in the Ballon d’Or.