Top greatest football matches in 2019

Football is considered as one of the greatest sports in the global. 2019 has flown with many successes and achievements. To look back memories, we discuss some football matches in 2019.

1/ Manchester United’s paradise

In the Premier champions, Manchester Unties is always highly appreciated for the Champion.

In the round of 16 first leg, they scored 2-0 at Old Trafford stadium. The goals were made from Kylian Mbappe and Presnel Kimpembe respectively. By this winning, they were confident to receive a ticket for the quarterfinals without waiting result of the second.

However the ticket was in hand, Manchester United expressed excellently for the second match at the Parc des Princes stadium.

MU had a good match with fighting valiantly against the host PSG show. In final, MU had a good performance for spectators in the PSG show.

2/ Leicester City’s returned to a big gang

When Leicester City became the champion for 2015-2016 premier league, all fans of football in the world felt surprising. It was a memorial event for this team as well fan of Leicester City.

 Coming to 2018-2019 with full of energy, Leicester also hoped to repeat history in 2nd time.

We can call achievement of Leicester City like a big boy gang when they defeated stronger rivals perfectly. Some names were loser before this team like Mu, Roman, Liverpool and Arsenals.

Under leading smartly of attacker Jame Vardy as well a magic feet of Rivad Mahrez, they won almost rivals in victory.

Especially, they defeated Southampton with 9-0 scores which was amazing and shocking for all clubs in round of 16 teams. This winning pointed out a message to other opponent that be careful with Leicester because they are a master in football attacking. They will conquer the Premier champions one more time.