Top greatest football matches in 2019

All football competitions in 2019 was closed. When looking back these events, someone thought to several impressive matches. It may be one match in Premier league or America Cup, even it can be a domestic match in their nation.

Football always brings new experience and emotion for spectators, including hope, wish, happiness and as well satisfaction.

In this article, we continue to share some great football matches in 2019 under voted from spectators and reporter.

3/ Lucas Moura became hero in the last minute

Tottenham Hotspur and Amsterdam Arena met in the first and second leg to compete only ticket for the finals of Champions league. Amsterdam had more ability when Donny van de Beek had a score in the first leg. Then making more difficulty for Tottenham in the second leg. They were compulsory to reach at least 2 goals.

On the 40 first minutes, Amsterdam gave another goal and looked deserved to receive one ticket for the finals. They played and connected each other comfortably.

While Tottenham were under pressure with 3 goals to defeat their rival within 35 remaining minutes Lucas Moura became a real hero when changing status surprisingly. In the 55th minute and only four minutes later, he got 2 score to keep balance score for both teams. Hopes continued to warm up in fans of Tottenham.

Athough Amsterdam tighten up speed of match, they loss a ticket for finals. In the final second of match, Spurs- a pandemonium player to make a goal to end the match with 3-2 scores for winning of Tottenham.

4/ Anfield’s magic against Barcelona

A double from Lionel Messi contributed to increase opportunity for Barcelona in the first leg of the semifinal Champion league with Liverpool.

But Liverpool didn’t stop all efforts in this result. They took action for a plan in the second leg.

Divock Origi opened a new goal in 7th minute to make 1-3 scores for Liverpool. Then Georginio made a double goals within 2 minutes. His action was answer to reply belief of the coach.

At this point, we found only winner on this night. In the 79th minute, Liverpool had a corner then Origi took advantage to make the final score for Liverpool before Barcelona players were left.

It was a magic for Liverpool against Barcelena.