Top greatest football coaches all the time (Part 3)

As introduced from former article, head coaches play an important role to create success and performance style for one team.

We will continue to visit the ranking of top best head coaches all the time. Following our data to understand more about history of football.

7, Marcello Lippi

Marcello Lippi had a successful career when he led Juventus in 1990s then the national Italy team in 2000s. Both teams reached victories and trophies.

He pickuped one trophy at Champion Leagues in 1996 for Juventus, then another domestic cup. Furthermore, at World cup 2006, this was the first time he and his student became the champion. This was the most speical event in his career.

Now, he is managing the Chinsese national team. Although he has not yet received any outstanding achievement, his team express confident and professional under his management.

His style focuses on strength and connection of all team rather than brightening up individual player.

6, Antonio Conte

Another head coach from Italy. Antonio Conte is a the next generation of Marcello Lippi. He also is close his career for the national Italian team and Juventus.

Before coming pro head coach, he was a footballer for the Italian team. 

Because of his experience of a player, he managed students with understanding and sharing difficulties and effort so that he could stimulate them more confident and full of energy,

The strategy 5-3-2 form is usually applied for versatile players at his system. Although other coaches can guess his ideal, they are dificult to break his strong team.

In 2011 season, he led Juventus to the trophy of Serie A during 3 years. Then he with the Italian team pickuped the title for Euro 2016. At the same year, he moved to Chelsea to win the Premier league at the first season under management.

The fact, he had series trophies and titles at other clubs he led.