Top greatest football coaches all the time (Part 2)

In this article, we will refer to top the best coaches in the football history. As far as we concern, coaches play an important role to decide winning as well achievement of one team. Once a team owns one great coach, they have more opportunities to reach high ranking.

Therefore, any club try to invest big budget to employ good manager as a smart strategy to develop their football team.

8, Pep Guardiola

When he was young, he was an excellent defensive midfielder in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2007, he was voted for a manager of B club. Only one year later, he became the head coach of Barcelona. This was the first officially team he managed and was responsibility for achievements.

He had some drastic strategies as well risky changes of total team. As a consequence, Barcelona won the treble in 2008 which was the first season Pep Guardiola managed.

Then he continued to reach 3 titles in La Liga, 2 titles of domestic cups, 3 titles of Super cups, 2 titles of Champions leagues, 2 tiles of European super cups and 2 titles of World club cups. Estimated about 14 titles during 4 seasons.

In 2013, he was invited to Bayern Munich to lead team. He reached a cup in the domestic league in the first season. Then he continued to repeat this trophy in 2016. During 3 years at this club, he has not yet finished any a Champions league as promise.

He felt unsuccessful with Bayern Munich, he moved to Manchester city in 2016. He could win the Premier league in his career history. His team was known as profession in possession as well creation and flexibility. The fact, 2016 season was successful with Pep Guardiola when his students expressed excellently and perfectly with the most points and goals in the ranking.

Pep Guardiola deserved to be on the ranking of top greatest heal coaches in football all time.