The truth about FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is the biggest football event in the world expected by millions of people.

Coming this event, you will immerse the positive connection of friendship and passion without distinguishing or worry whether who you are, where you are from?

In this article, we share some major events about stories in FIFA World Cup. Following it if you want to discover football.

Background to create FIFA World Cup

Before the FIFA World Cup was established, the biggest football event was included in the Summer Olympics. It was considered as the most prestigious event.

However, the spirit of this event was not suitable with the Olympics when it was focused on performance and ranked the position of one nation. While football expressed special features about connection, friendship and integration among football teams.

As the good consequence, in 1928, the federation of football decided to organize one unique event called as World Cup. Then the first edition was played in this year under expectation and hope of everyone.

The FIFA World Cup was welcome and well-known from this event.

All World Cup tournaments

After the decision of World Cup organization, the first event was held in Uruguay in 1930 with joining of 13 teams. As the rule, it was held every four years.

Expect the interruption due to the Second World War, all World Cup event was organized officially as plan.

The fact, some people used to follow football events in the Summer Olympics, therefore they didn’t really welcome the real deal.

Although 13 teams in the first event only played because of accepting invitations from FIFA government, they had good performance and made deeply impression. Finally, Uruguay became the first nation to win World Cup.

Since the second event, all teams joined qualification round to receive a ticket for the event.