Overview about football betting

Football is one of the most popular form in sport betting which almost bettors can and are interested in. As well itself development for many big events and tournaments in a year, football betting also has breakthrough in betting and deserves to become the biggest industry to place a wager. 

Under the huge volume and profit, there are many risks as well benefits from football betting. In this article, we share basic overview about football betting under form of instruction for beginner.

Although you are a beginner, you still determine which purpose you place on football betting. It’s for fun and relaxing or ambition to make profit in a long term. After, you start follow proper instructions for purposes accordingly.

First of all, you follow our instruction about overview football betting.

Looking back the previous article, we refer to strategies in football betting and major international events you should gamble. Now, we move tips in distinguishing type of football betting.

Firstly, discussion match betting

This type is the simplest form because you only need to choose the final result of the match. The valid time for match betting is within official 90 minutes of match. It can be Home Team, Away Team or Draw.

In case of finish 90 minute with a draw score, it means the Draw will win. The match bet doesn’t allow to count any score in extra-times or penalties.

Secondly, discussion handicap bet

Handicap bet is accepted at the Asian betting market. Therefore, it also is called as an Asian Handicap bet. 

Per team is offered either a+ or a- on final score-line. It means bettors have only two results to win: + or -. In case the game ends in a draw, the bookmaker will get back money.

In general, this type is popular, especially in the Asia.