History about Football World Cup (Part 2)

In football, no event can compare with the World Cup. Although there are many famous football events have the same quality and popularity like UEFA Champions leagues, Euro Cup or the Premier league, World Cup is considered as the biggest football event in the world. It expresses long history as well pride of the whole country when their team join in the play-off. So, World Cup has significance in mindset of everyone.

Whether you are asking about origin of World Cup. Any event has reason to build up and maintain growth in a long tradition.

In this article, we share history about this event.

From the former article, we refer the first World Cup time was established in Uruguay with joining of 4 teams. 

Then 4 years later, in 1934, the second time was organized at Italy. There were 36 teams to play in the qualification to choose 16 teams for play-off round. The host nation- Italia also joined in the qualification to express legally.

After good signal from the first time, many teams registered to join this event. However, Great Britain promised that they would never join FIFA. Whereas almost the Western nations welcomed this event.

The final match was played between Italy and Czechoslovakia. After the extra time, Italia became the new winner of FIFA World Cup with final scores 2-1.

As the traditional schedule, World Cup was held in every 4 year. 

During history of World Cup, there are many famous players who can make many goals or contribute important role to decide winning of team.

We can list 5 the big stars who reach the most goals all the time, including: Ronaldo with 18 goals in 4 seasons, Miroslav Klose with 16 goals in 4 seasons, Gerd Müller with 14 goals in 2 seasons, Just Fontaine with 13 goals in 1 season and Péle with 12 goals in 4 seasons.