History about Football World Cup (Part 1)

As far as we know, football is the most favorite sport in the world. Almost people love and follow the FIFA World Cup which is the biggest festival about football, hold in every 4 year. 

This title represents football achievement of one nation, compared with other nations in the ranking. So, all people respect and welcome FIFA World Cup. In the latest season, there was estimated about three billion of viewers following through Television. Even, there was about one billion to watch the final match. Actually, popularity of World cup is so spreading out worldwide.

However, rarely someone knows about history of football world cup. The fact, meaning of establishment the season was difficult and also remarked meaningful to grow footballers further and better.

In this article, we continue to share major events in Football World Cup. Following it to discover new events about the biggest football event.

Since the Summer Olympics was organized, the football tournament became a part of this event. However, until 1920s, FIFA being the official association of football realized that this was not suitable with spirit of the Olympics. They decided to build up a new tournament to serve football, called a World Cup. Then 1928, they declared about the first edition which was held in Uruguay in 1930.

During 2 years later, the host nation- Uruguay prepared content as well infrastructure to welcome other teams to join this event. Since the first season, FIFA decided to hold every fourth year, excluding some years in interruption due to the World War.The fact, there were three nations to join the first World cup after accepting invitations from FIFA. They included Uruguay, Argentina and the South American. Finally, Uruguay became the first champion of FIFA World Cup. Although this season only had few teams, it received good feedback about a professional tournament for event. So, it was expected to be more successful in the next season