History about FA Cup (Part 2)

As introduced in the former article, FA Cup is one of the biggest and oldest football competitions in the UK. It is well-known all over the world as an interesting event for everyone. Even, someone doesn’t know about football, they are ready to enjoy this game to cheer up and immerse spirit itself.

Today, we continue to share stories about history of FA Cup for your reference. 

We have ever referred to origin of the first season, the second season then rules improved and developedin FA Cup. Now we share other events in growth process of FA Cup until now.

It’s a big breakthrough

After the second season, FA Cup became a special event followed by millions of people all over the world.

During 1877 to 1880, estimated that there was 40 teams to participate. Even, in 1879, the season served over 50 teams with some famous clubs nowadays like Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest or Blackburn Rovers…the fact, these clubs were more mature and successful since entering the FA Cup.

In the 1883- 1884 season, there were 100 teams to register. It was the biggest event during history of FA Cup. To assure quality and high profession of game, the association decided to separate small rounds to find top the best team for the final round.

According to documents, the FA Cup was considered as oneof the biggest sporting festivals in the world. One record gave that the FA Cup in 1913 at the Crystal Palace had about 121,000 attendants, then the number increased up to 200,000 people in season 1923 at Webley. Many people considered FA Cup as a prestigious event to connect, share and enjoy with passion. So, they lived and welcomed warmly with this event.

Through above data and example, FA Cup is really a big breakthrough as well pride of the UK.