History about FA Cup (Part 1)

FA Cup standing for football association challenge cup is the oldest football tournament in the UK as well the world. 

Due to long history as well profession in organization, FA Cup is well-known in its domestic nation as well the global scale.

In this article, we refer to history of FA Cup. 

If you are a fan of this competition, you should follow our article to know more events and stories about FA Cup.

According to documents, the first FA Cup was established in 1871-1872 season. Then it was held once a year as normal schedule, expect interruption of the World War I and II.

In the first season, there was total 12 clubs to join. The fact, it had 15 teams for register, then there were 3 teams to withdraw. Although it was the first season, it was set up schedule professionally and tightly. Per day had four matches played during November 1871. 

After many rounds, Wanderers and Royal Engineers became the best teams to come the final match. finally, Wanderers were excellent to defeat their rival and pick up the first Cup with only 1-0 goal. Finally, Wanderers was the first time to win this event at the Kennington Oval stadium.

According to the rule of FA Cup, the former winner had the right to come the final match of the next season. So, Wanderers went to finals officially without competing with any rival. This was the best opportunity to help them to repeat the history. They continued to become the winner of FA Cup in the 2ndseason. 

After this season, the organization decided to abandon this rule. They saw unfair among teams when making so much great chances for the Championship while they had more experience and skills than other teams. This rule received good feedback from all clubs as well spectators.