Detail about football rules

Football is one of the most favorite sports for any age and any gender. Almost people are interested in playing or watching football matches, especially some international matches like FIFA World Cup, the Premier League, the Euro cup so on…

To follow a match detail, you should understand major in football. Furthermore, controlling football rules is necessary for any players.

In this article, we share detail about football rules. The truth that per tournament can apply some strange regulations, however, it should be followed major points as following.

Firstly, talk about object of football

The aim of this game is to make more goals to your opponent within official 90 minutes of one match. The match will be split into 2 small rounds. Per round has official 45 minutes and some extra compensation minutes. It is called as the injury time. There is a break time within 15 minutes between two rounds.

Depending other tournament, when 2 teams finish with draw score, they can go to the extra round or not. 

Secondly, talk about players and dimension in the pitch

In per match, per team has official 11 players on the yard, including one goalkeeper and ten outfield players. Besides, they have some players as spare part in outside. Incase coach wants to change strategies or replace for an injured player, they can go to the yard for replacement.

About dimension of pitch, it is applied 120 yards in length and 75 yards in width. There are two goal mouths which are replaced position for per team in one round. There are 6 yard box next to two goal mouths. Then there are 18 yard box surrounding two of the 6 yard box. The middle of pitch is a central circle which separate two part of pitch with similar dimension and structure.