Detail about football rules

In this article, we continue to discuss football topic. In general, this game is the most favorite game in the world with millions of spectators. 

People not only follow international football matches but also play it with friends as an exercise for workout. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand the major rule so that it’s better to follow a match clearly or start to play this game without hesitating.

Now, we will share some general rules about football

1, A official match will have two parts with total 90 minutes. Between two halves, there is a 15-minute rest time for two teams to take a rest as well adjust strategies to play better in the 2ndround.

2, Per team has maximum 11 players in the pitch, including one goalkeeper and 10 players at other positions such as attacker, defender, offender. 

The goalkeeper will stand before the ball net within the 18-yard box so that he prevents all movements of ball to his net. 

Besides footballers inside the pitch, there are 7 substitute players per team. They can replace maximum 3 players per side. 

In case this team use total 3 substitutions but there is a player leaving the pitch because of injury. They are compulsory to play without any replacement.

Other footballers can be active flexibly, depending on other strategies of head coach.

3, About structure of the field

It is made of either artificial or natural grass. Only two materials accept to become an official field.

Depending on different characters of tournament, size of the field can be adjusted within 100-130 yards in length and 50-100 yards in width.

The field also need to be marked a rectangular shape. Outside has 4 lines to mark the limitation.

Inside the rectangular shape, there are two 6-yard boxes, two 18-yard boxes and a center circle. 

There is a spot for a penalty placed in 12 yard- box

4, About ball: it has a circumference within 58 to 61cm and a circular shape.