Detail about football rules

In this article, we continue to share major rules about football. As far as we know, football own millions of fans in all over the world. They not only follow or cheer up professional football leagues, but they also organize the amateur tournaments to express passion for football.

Therefore, holding the football rules is necessary to start this game fluently. From the previous article, we refer to object of football as well talk the number of players in the pitch and fixed dimension of a professional pitch. 

Now going to the rule of scoring

One a goal will be accepted officially when it goes into the opponent’s goal. Besides it, it needs to not break some rules such as: the whole ball is over the line then it becomes a legitimate goal. Or it can be scored by any part in body, expect the hand or arm up to the shoulder. 

Basically, one goal is built up with a frame measuring 8 feet in height and 8 yards in width.

How to win the game

To be recognized as a winner, your team need to score more goals than your opponents within 90 minutes officially. In case the score is draw after 90 minutes, there are some ways to determine point for per team, depending on the rule of tournament.

If needing to find the exact winner, two teams will go to 2 extra times. Per round prolongs within 15 minutes. There are 5 minutes to break time between extra time. In case they still are draw, they will use a penalty shootout to determine which team is winner. There are 5 turns for per team to make the score. Then using different point to decide the final winner.

If the tournament accepts draw scores, two teams only need to play 90 official minutes then per team gets one point.