About types of betting on sports

Betting on sports become popular and developed recently for almost sports. According to trend, people watching a live sport event will prefer to place on bet on them.

Another reason to attract more bettors is prize. All betting sites are offering big promotions and awards for winner who predict the result correctly.

In this article, we will share types of betting on sports.

Fixed odds sports betting

In general, fixed odds sport betting is the most major kind of sport betting. Another way, it is a traditional forms so almost bettors feel familiar with it.

This type means that bettors agree with the odd rate when a wager is placed. When a wager wins, bettors will be paid prize based on odds confirmed. It is a simple form to follow as long as you follow the sports even.

For example, you place a wager on one football match. You can choose which team is a winner or which player will make score. If your choice is right, your wager wins and receive one reward accordingly.

In play/ live betting

The fact that it is a version of fixe odd betting when your wager also is placed on one sport event. But it has some chances to make more convenient for bettors.

Firstly, compared about valid time of betting. In fixed odds sport betting, player should place before the event starts. But in play/ live betting means that you can place any time during the event.

Secondly, odd rate in fixed odds sport betting is fixed as its name. But in play/ live betting, it is changed continuously depending on time of the match. It means that bettor can change their decision to lead possible predicts. Then it also increase ability of winning. So bettors intend to place on this form more and more.