About history of World Cup

World Cup is the biggest football festival held by the FIFA association every 4 years. This event is collect 32 the best excellent football teams all over the worlds which overcome other opponents to receive ticket for the final tournament.

In this article, we share main stories about history of World Cup.

FIFA is the highest association who manage all issues of football in the world. It was founded in 1904 then it held the amateur tournament at the Olympic game. However, it is not recognized because of some disagreements about rules of football.

Moreover, many national football teams like Uruguay, Argentina were confident that they were the best team in the world. This factor motivated FIFA to create the tournament for football.

The first World Cup was established in 1930 at Uruguay. In the first league, some European teams finally agreed to join it in the last minute. They traveled to Uruguay by sea in some weeks. Overcoming all European opponents, Argentina met Uruguay at Montevideo stadium. By strength of host, Uruguay defeated Argentina by 4-2 score and became the first champion in World Cup history.

After this tournament in 1930, the FIFA continued to organize the next two successful games late in the 30s. Then due to bad consequences of the second World War, the World Cup couldn’t carry out fluently. Until 1950, this event should be recovered at Brazil. Because Argentina didn’t agree some international football rules, they refused their right to join the tournament in the final round.

In competition in 1950, this was the first time when British teams registered to join participation.

After Argentina, Brazil became the first in the history won 5 winnings for the World Cup. The fact that, they was the first football team when reaching the most champions but almost winning in their nation.