5 the best teams in Premier League (Part 3)

In this article, we continue to refer to top 5 greatest teams in the Premier League of the UK. 

In general, in the Premier history, there are many clubs to break the new records about points, the number of golf, so on. So, we try the best to collect top 5 the best teams from other factors.

In two previous articles, we have ever shared 3 big names at 3 different seasons: MU in 1998-1999 season, Manchester city in winning in 2011-2012 and the last- Chelsea under 2004-2005 season.

Now, we continue to discover other names in the following ranking.

4, Arsenal in 2003-2004 season

Arsenal is called as “Invincible” because they usually have unbeaten matches at both the host and guest stadiums.

Under management of Arsene Wenger, Arsenal becomes a majestic team with series of successes and achievements. The season in 2003-2004 made an unforgettable event in history of the Premier League which no team can reach this record until now. 

They were the second team in the UK after Preston North End could finish the tournament with total wining as their nickname “Invincible”. However, they were the first team in Premier league to reach the best achievement with total 90 points.

To own these victories, Arsenal was lucky to collect some factors at the same time. They were managed by a talented head coach who was a dream of any club- Sir Arsene Wenger.

Besides it, they had a perfect team with Cole, Martin Keown, Rat Parlour or Thierry Henry. Although they were still young and not much experience in competitions, his coach of Arsenal believed to assign important roles. As a good result, they competed by passion of the young and super skills to support and connect together. 

These main reasons led to amazing winning of Arsenal in history of the UK football.