5 the best teams in Premier League (Part 1)

The Premier Leagueis well-known as one of the most prestigiousfootball tournaments in the world although it is a domestic UK event. So, there are millions of fans following and cheering up for per season of Premier League.

In this article, we will collect top 5 the best teams in history of the Premier League which reach the highest point in their season.

1, Manchester United 1998-1999 season 

Manchester United is one of the most successful team in this tournament. 

In all their achievements, the 1998-1999 season was impressive with 79 points for the Champions. Further, this season was special for MU when they had total treble titles, including the Premier League, FA Cup and European Cup. It made excellent and wonderful for history of this team.

Coming the season, MU had lost the perfect captain- Eric Cantona who was a great French player. However, it was another opportunity to discover new talents such as Gary Neville, David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. Four players played pivotal roles to create series of victories for MU.

They were appreciated when they overcame jaws of defeat under their resilience so that they went the first position surprisingly from the fourth in ranking.

2, Manchester City in 2011-2012 season

Manchester City has not reached so much victories in the Premier league, but their winning in 2011-2012 season was completely perfect with 89 points.

Under management of the Mansour group since 2010-2011, they had a good season at the fourth ranking. However, it didn’t satisfy their team.

They started 2011-2012 season with strong willingness and highest target for the winning. They had only been dropped two points in 12 first games. Even they defeated MU with 6-1 goals at Old Trafford-stadium of MU. 

Finally, they went to the final match in the first time. Finally, they could held their destiny to pick their Champions.