5 the best teams in Premier League (Final part)

Here, we continue to refer top 5 football clubs reaching the best achievements in the Premier league. It’s difficult to conclude that they are the most excellent, the fact we can assure that they were the best in their season. 

There are many factors to appreciate level and ability of one team. So, it’s better we only refer and analyze their achievements. We shouldn’t compare or point out their weakness before other teams in other seasons.

From former articles, we have ever listed 4 teams with the highest scores finally. They include in MU in 1998-1999 season, Manchester city in 2011-2012 season, Arsenal in 2003-2004 season and Chelsea in 2004-2005 season. Now, we repeat achievement of one team but in another season.

5, Manchester United in 2007-2008 season

Until now, the season 2007 of MU still was impressive and memorial in football history of the Premier league. Although they only got not many points, their capability and strong willingness to overcome stronger opponents make incredible winning of MU.

Coming the 2007-2008 season, Arsenal and Chelsea were the two potential teams for Champions. Because they were in high performances. By some staunchness and exertions, MU could change back the whole to become the most impressive team in history of the Premier League.

Both Arsenal and Chelsea had successful debut as a roared back in the play-off table. So, they faced MU as a big challenge.

Firstly, the match between United and Arsenal. Arsenal were the best defense with strong players like Edwin van der Sar, Nemanja Vidic which caused any trouble for attacker’s opposing team. Finally, MU did it well under management of sir Alex Ferguson. 

Then they continued to beat Chelsea in the semi-final only by penalties to be against Barcelona in the final game. Sometimes fans felt disappointed that MU was lost. Then finally, they changed total outcomes by efforts in the last minutes. All to make one memorial event in history of MU.